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Solutions SALES

  • Monitoring and controlling of all Air Handling Units based on external and internal temperatures.

  • Alerts on boiler where the burners have not fired properly

  • Alerting on Hot water pumps and monitoring of water temperature.

  • Monitoring flow and return water temperature on pumps for heating

  • Monitoring and alerting on cold water pumps

  • Monitoring and alerting on Surface water pumps, levels etc…

  • Monitoring and alerting on waste water pumps

  • Monitoring, controlling  and alerting on Generators 

  • Monitoring all Electricity meter current and future

  • Monitoring all UPS’s

  • Monitoring and controlling of compressors and dehumidifiers

  • Control and monitoring of warehouse automation systems

  • Lighting controller in all areas so that costs can be reduced at off peak times by automating the switching off of lights and systems

  • Control and monitoring of all security and access systems

  • Control of all critical infrastructure under a single interface

  • Power distribution

  • Building automation systems

  • Energy management systems

  • Data center infrastructure management(DCIM)

  • Fire detection, evacuation, and extinguishing

  • Access control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Totally Integrated Power Service

Vertical Markets

  • Work with IOT company to provide robust platforms and coms for their products.

  • Provide expertise in protocol and data management

  • Provide third party API for push and pull application

  • Help them to integrate with more complimentary systems

  • Make legacy system smart

  • Make dump devices smarter

  • Already work in Utilities OIL & Gas verticals

  • Already work with Fire Suppression System verticals

  • Already work in Market Garden Verticals 

  • Already work in Farm Verticals

  • Already work in Hotels Verticals

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