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Passionate about Machine to Machine Learning
Passionate about IOT

DeviceSmart is incorporated in Ireland, was formed to exploit an identified gap in the Intelligent Device Control market. Utilising over 20 years of market knowledge and industry best practice, the company recognised a significant gap in the market.


Devicesmart continues to achieve significant market traction from major multi-national companies  and continues to raise eyebrows within the competitors’ knowledge sector.


Most competitors in this area are hardware intensive and single protocol vendors. In any building or facility you will have a range of different vendors, devices and different protocols. In today’s environment, the requirement to provide turnkey solutions is serviced by our competitors providing a box solution. By box we mean, that in order for them to deal with multiple different vendors and protocols they have to provide new hardware to do protocol-translation from many protocols into a single protocol, such as BacNET; then they monitor their boxes instead of the actual end node devices. This has the added effect of increasing the hardware, installation and configuration costs of the systems and leads to a hardware intensive, expensive solution which is not easily scalable.


DeviceSmart has developed innovative software technology that allows organisations, to control multi-protocol based vendor hardware solutions. In 90% of cases DeviceSmart connects directly to the end-node device and communicates directly to that device in its native protocol. The net effect of the DeviceSmart solution requires a lot less hardware and a smaller space footprint which lends to the more efficient running of facilities and resources, ensuring economies of scale and allowing for the reduction of energy requirements. The DeviceSmart solution is easily scalable as the direct connection to the devices in all cases is via standard TCP/IP and utilises standard switches and modules which already exist. Simply adding a new switch makes DeviceSmart easy to scale as new proprietary hardware is not required. In the 10% of cases where no intelligence is present on the end-node device, relay or dry contact based devices for example, we add an inexpensive gateway device to hang this unit on the network.


That's us in a nutshell, now what about you?   

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